Latest General Knowledge GK MCQs Quiz -Railway SSC Bank Defence jobs 2017

By | February 12, 2017

Latest General Knowledge GK MCQs Quiz Today For Govt Jobs Exam Preparation 2017 -Railway SSC Bank Defence jobs 2017 | 

Dear Readers will find Latest General Knowledge culled from important Govt Exams for aspirants preparing for various upcoming Exams 2017 on this page Daily , this article is specially designed for those students who are preparing for Various competitions like Bank exams, SSC Jobs examinations, PCS State Services Exams, UPSC Competitions, Railway Recruitment Board Govt Jobs Exams,  State Govt Jobs Exams 2017, Central Govt Jobs Exams, PSUs Jobs Exams in 2017 18 :


Latest G.K Current affairs Quiz June 2017

LATEST General Knowledge GK MCQs Quiz

Latest General Knowledge GK MCQs Quiz

Indian History describes………as the sultanate period?
1. 1206 to 1526 AD
2. 1110 to 1456 AD
3. 1270 to 1570 AD
4. 1245 to 1526 AD

Beri-beri is caused by:-
1. A Bacteria
2. A Virus
3. Deficiency of Vitamin B1
4. Deficiency of Protein

Who was the founder of the Lodi Dynasty?

1. Sikandar Lodi

2. Bahlol Lodi

3. Ibrahim Lodi
4. None of the above

A computer consists mainly of-
1. Parts
2. Chips
3. Devices
4. Circuits

Lakshdweep islands are the product of
1. Vocanic activity
2. Wave action
3. Sea floor expansion
4. Reef formation

Kautilya’s Arthashastra mainly deals with-

1. Political state Craft

2 Economic doctrines

3. Social aspects

4. Military aspects
What is the Amnesty International?
1 An Environment Protection Organization
2 An Animal Rights Protection Organization
3 A Human Rights Protection Organization
4 A Peace Movement
Who was the Nawab of Bengal during “Battle of Plassey’?
1. Mir Jafar
2. Siraj-ud-duala
3. Mir Qasim
4. None of these

Headquarter of European Union (EU) is situated in-?
1. Munich (Germany)
2. Brussels (Belgium)
3. Milan (Italy)
4. Paris (France)

Who of the following became a member of the “din-i-Iiiahi’?
1. Tansen
2. Raja Man Singh
3. Raja Birbal
4. Todermal

The apparent weight of a man in a lift is less than the real weight when?
1. The left is going up with uniform speed.
2. The lift is going up with an acceleration
3. The lift is going down with uniform speed
4. The lift is going down with an acceleration.

The first Sultan of Delhi to issue regular currency and declare Delhi as the capital of his empire was:-
1. Balban
2. Qutbuddin Aibak
3. Alam Shah
4. Iltutmish

One of the states that receives rainfall from the north-easterly mansoon is
1. Assam
2. Kerala
3. West Bengal
4. Tamil Nadu
Which is not correct about Mahatma Gandhi
1. Gandhi Advocated complete separation of politics from religion
2. Gandhi supported close relation between religion and politics
3. Gandhi believed in the sanctity of means
4. Gandhi believed in non-voilence

The Coromandal Coast is located in the state of
1. Kerala
2. Maharashtra
3. Tamil Nadu
4. Gujarat

Rajm Nama’ is the Persian translation of
1. Arthashastra
2. Ramayan
3. Mahabharata
4. Upanishada

Maluk Das was a saint-poet residing at-
1. Agra
2. Ayodhya
3. Kashi
4. Kara

Musical instruments ‘Sitar’ was invented by-
1. Amir Khusro
2. Ramdas
3. Tansen
4. Haridas

Which Sufi saint remarked ‘Hanooj Dilli Dur Ast’ (Delhi is till far away)?
1. Nasiruddin Chirag-i-Delhi
2. Nizamuddin Aulia
3. Shaikh Bakhtiyar Kaki
4. Baba Farid

‘Bijak’ is collection of the sayings of-
1. Baba Farid
2. Ramanand
3. Guru Nanak
4. Kabir

Which temple of North India has its Shikhar (spire) in Dravid style?
1. Bhitargoan
2. Deogarh
3. Sas-Bahu temple
4. Telli temple at Gwalior

Which is the port city of Indus valley culture?
1. Mohenjodaro
2. Harappa
3. Kalibanga
4. Lothal

How many slokes are present in Rajtarangini of Kalhana?
1. Eight thousand
2. Nine thousand
3. Ten thousand
4. Eleven thousand

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Which of the following tribes does not belong to the Panchjana of Rigveda?
1. Yadu
2. Puru
3. Turvasa
4. Kikat

Who among the following called himself ‘The parrot of India/
1. Malik Muhammad jaisi
2. Raskhan
3. Amir Khusrau
4. Amir Hasan

Who was the great force behind the foundation of the first India Women’s Unievsrity in Bombay in 1906?
1. Dadbahi Naoroji
2. D.K. Karve
3. S.S Bangali
4. V.M. Malabari

The largest Ocean of the words is-
1. Arctic Ocean
2. Indian Ocean
3. Atlantic Ocean
4. Pacific Ocean

Economic drain’ Theory was popularized by- Economic drain
1. The Britishers
2. Dadabahi Naoroji
3. Vera Anstey
4. V.v. Bhatt
Which one among following cities was the best producer of silk cloth under Gupta reign?
1. Patliputra
2. Murshidabad
3. Ghazipur
4. Varanasi

Which one among the following is not correct about the cave paintings at Ajanta?
1. Scenes have no dividing frame and blend into each other
2. Scenes are both religious and secular in nature
3. The influence of the Gandhara art is seen
4. Scenes mostly depict tales from Jatakas

Polio disease is caused by-
1. Bacteria
2. Fungi
3. Virus
4. Worm

Which one among the following is the hardest part of our body?
1. Skull bones of head
2. Thumb Nails
3. Enamel of teeth
4. Spinal vertebra

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‘ Kathakali is a form of dance drama originated in –



Tamil Nadu


# What is the full form of ‘KYC’

Keep your credibility

Know your credibility

know your customer

know your Client

What is the full form of ‘NGO’ a term we listen very often these days ?

National Growth and Opportunities

Non Governmental Organization

Not Growing Organization

Net Growing Option

Navroze is a celebrated in India by the –





The Sacred books of jains are called –

Agama Sidhanta




Who founded the Lingayat Movement?





The earliest Vaishnava Bhakti Saints from the South were :





Akbar did not construct:

Purana Quilla

Agra Fort

Allahabad Fort

Lahore Fort

Jamdani weave of the early twentieth century was :

A pattern made on heavy shawl

A weaving pattern done on cotton clothes that enhanced its durability and aapeal

A fine muslin on which decorative motifs are woven

None of the above

Patan Patola , an ancient tradition, related to the :

Freehand drawing and colour of the subjects mentioned in the epics

Technique of stitching leather which was also found on Harappan site

Art of double ikat weaving in western Indian State of Gujrat

Folk embroidery done using bamboos in the North -East

Which is following books is written by Chetan Bhagat?

The Golden gate

A house for Mr. Biswas

2 States

White Tiger

Famous Dada Saheb Phalke Award given for exemplary work in the field of



Science And Technology

None of the above

The Kirti – Stanbha at Chittor was built by?

Rana Sugar

Rana Kumbha

Rana Partap

Rana Udaya Singh

The state which ranks next to kerala in terms of female literacy in India according to Census 2011 is –




Which state of India has recently decided to start ‘ She – Bus’ Programme?

Tamil Nadu



Andhra Pradesh



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