Interview Questions for Govt Job Exam | How to Face Interview

By | December 12, 2017

Interview Questions for Govt Job exam | How to prepare interview , interview questions for 1oth, 12th, diploma, degree state/central govt jobs like Defence, SSC, Railway Bank exam interview

Interview Questions for Govt Job exam 2018 | How to face interview

Interview Questions for Govt Job exam

UPDATED ON 22.12.2017

Questions asked by panel of experts in an interview of central government

You should dress according to occasion. You should carry smile on your face and feel confident with charming personality. Those candidates are called for interview that clear written examination and Have merit and are shortlisted.

In order to crack central government examination we need to work upon following. Top 12 questions asked in interview are:

1) We are hiring people why should we hire you-your answer should be best answer which will influence interviewers.

2) What is your greatest strength-this is one basic question which is being asked by interviewers. Your answer should influence interviewer. Your answer should be simple and according to your academic qualification.

3) Weakness everyone has what is your weakness-you should answer in such a way that experts hire you. Real weakness should not be mentioned. Weakness you had and how you overcome it you should be able to tell.

4) tell me about yourself –you should be able to tell likes and dislikes. You should be able to tell your academic qualifications. If you have prior work experience then you should be able to tell that.

5) Why you left your old job-this question is asked by interviewers. You should be able to give best answer.

6) Why you want this job-you should give best answer that why you want to work in that organisation.

7) What is your salary expectation-you should set your salary not high and not too low. It should be according to your qualification and work experience.

8) In coming five years where do you see yourself-where you see yourself in coming five years.

9) Why you left your old job-you should be able to tell that why you left your old organisation.

10) Why should we hire you-What quality you have in relation to other candidates who put you above them?

11) Future goals-what are your future goals and how will you achieve it.

12) Expectations from job-you need to answer this question and tell about what you will get from this job.

These are the basic questions which are being asked in interview by panel of experts and interviewers. You should be able to answer each and every question with full confidence so that the team hire you and help you grow .There are also other questions which can be put up in interview like what is your biggest achievement.

How do you handle pressure and stress? You should be able to clear yourself and set priorities. You should make your impression in such a way that team hires you. Like first impression is your last impression. You should be able to answer each and every question with panache and confidence, what are your likes and what are your hobbies is another question. So clearing the interview of central government is biggest achievement in itself. Clarity of answers should be there, your goal should be set and you should be committed to work which help you grow completely.

Let me tell you how one should face interview these competitive days >>

Reach the interview venue 15 minutes early 

Dress neatly , do not share your private matters with anyone 

Be positive and calm ,try to answer gently with little smile on the face.

Always say good morning/evening to the interviewer in a cheerful voice .

1.Never enter the interview room with pre conceive ideas /prepared questions may help but not always

2 QUESTION FROM YOUR Biodata are must , for example name of your institution /Alma mater your school/college/Hobby/your opinion about present day/current societal problems [ this question is generally asked from high level interviews [ graduate level competitive govt job exams]

3. Do not try to guess too many questions in interview ,be straight forward and honest , if you do not know answer of the question ,say Sorry, If you are not able to listen the question properly, ask the interviewer to repeat politly saying Pardon me sir I could not get/hear your point/understand please repeat the question something like [If you are speaking in Hindi do not mix English language words very often , In ITI trade/10th/12th pass Govt Job Exam interview , Interviewing Board just want to check whether you have common sense /mentally fit to deal with little ticklish situations at work place etc.

4.Not but the least do not expect questions of technical nature from your subject [ITI Stream here] ,Questions are of general Nature as I have pointed out above , these are about your Alma mater /early schooling/District/State’s Culture ,Economy,Demography,Sports/CURRENT VERY IMPORTANT ISSUE FACING THE SOCIETY/NATION etc/your background LIKE FROM WHICH VILLAGE /TOWN you belong for example if you are from Kurukshetra then Historical question/Religious question about Kurukshetra are bound to be Asked like when and why was The Mahabharta War fought .

 Read Interview Questions for Govt Job exam >>

 Example interview questions for State/Central Govt Jobs Exam

5. Now I shall give example interview questions asked from candidates in various under graduate level exams Like SSC , Bank, Railway, State and Central Govt Jobs exam:

Interview Question 1: If you are selected , what will you do for the Department/Company/agency ?

Candidate can answer like – he will work very hard for the progress of the department or he may answer that he will work sincerely and honestly what ever job is given to him  and so on many general replies like this.

But an intelligent [innovative individual] can cash on this simple query very easily by applying his mind .

There can be many ways to answer this question :

A.  Job allotted to me should be done in time without wasting the  precious resources of deptt. without bringing much changes in the existing set up .

B. Work in time ,implementing new ideas, techniques [technology], supporting the seniors in their projects so that there is wholesome  team progress .

C.In case of Bank Clerical interview : Candidate shall reply with conviction that he/she will work in such a manner that there is harmonious relations among colleagues as well as There should be Customer satisfaction as well. Priority will be in saving the time and resources of Bank.   do join again for more  detail conversation on Interview Questions for Govt Job exam

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